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Am I bisexual?

I just had a girl ask me if she is bisexual, only she can answer that, but this is what I told her.

I always answer privately unless someone says “feel free to post this”  I will tell you the same thing I told my little cosine who I’m pretty sure is bi. “if you can picture yourself getting married, you are so happy, this is the love of your life, and you know this is just the beginning of more great things in your life, you are walking down the isle and you see…a woman waiting, smiling at you, so happy to marry you” does the thought of this make you go “ewww ummm that wouldn’t feel right to me” then you don’t like girls…same thing if picturing a guy waiting for you at the end of the isle makes you go “ewww” then you don’t like boys. If the thought of having sex with a guy or a girl makes you feel good, not bad, you are definitely bisexual. As I am. And remember the thought of being w/ a girl makes more me tense and feel kinda bad just because i know my grandparents would make a big deal of it, and other ppl would put me down. This doesn’t mean i don’t like women, it just means i don’t like how racist people view homosexuality. The thought of marrying the women or man of my dreams overall makes me happy, just like the thought of having sex with the woman or man of my dreams. Also,being turned on by someone you usually are not when under the influence of drugs or alcohol doesn’t mean anything. Drunk people make out with lamp posts sometimes…it doesn’t mean they have a thing for lamp posts.

and remember if only masculine girls and masculine guys are your thing that’s perfectly fine, its your taste, some people like only redheads and blondes and won’t date brunettes, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong w/them. As long as everything you do is 100% consensual, safe, what you and your partner(s) want, and with adults only, it is COMPLETELY O.K. There is nothing wrong with you. This is the way you were born and there is nothing wrong with that. People who are different from you fear what they don’t know sometimes, or they want someone to put down so they feel better. Or they use religion to hate one another instead of to love one another. don’t stoop to their level. Be true, be you.

I wish i could tell you “come out no matter what” but remember coming out can make you loose jobs, sometimes your home, parental help and financial help sometimes, try to get in a place and find friends and family that accept you for you. That is very important.

I hope this helps. *hugs* its o.k. if you’re still not sure, what you are or who you like,  just do what feels right to you, if your happy that’s all that really matters.

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