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I love Wanda Sykes. Did you know she was the fist openly gay person to be invited to the white house?

I told my brother after he said “that’s so gay” that it was toally inapropreaite to say that. He really didn’t get it. So I said “you would never say “that’s so black” because what you really mean is “that’s so stupid” and it’d be really racist and a black person would kick your butt for saying that.” “the only reason you can say “that’s so gay” is because some nice gay man won’t beat you up for it like a nice black man would.”

the next thing he said to me was…”that’s so black”

and now he says that all the time, even in public. *sigh*

That boy is ganna get his butt kicked and I won’t stop the guy who does it.

may I also say quit calling it homophobic…that’s like saying blackaphobic…its ridiculous…makes it sound like gay ppl choose to be gay…gay ppl choose to be gay as much as black people CHOOSE to be black! We are a race of people! we are BORN THAT WAY! If you don’t like gay people it doesn’t make you homophobic it makes you RACIST!

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